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Downwind of Danger: How to Keep Your Pet Safe During Hunting Season

September is an eagerly anticipated month for hunters and their working dogs, as it marks the beginning of various game species’ hunting seasons. In addition, as fall weather arrives, pets and their owners revel in taking a brisk walk outdoors while rejoicing in the cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and fresh air. However, when dogs and [...]

A Dog Owner’s Guide to Giardia

Intestinal parasites constantly threaten dogs, who can easily pick them up from contaminated environments. If your dog visits places where other dogs have been, they are at high risk for catching giardia—a single-celled protozoan parasite that infects up to 25% of social dogs in urban settings. The Premier Pet Hospital team created this guide to [...]

Pet Heat Safety Pop Quiz

Summer is here, and so is the heat. Before you enjoy fun in the sun, ensure your pet is ready for the high temperatures. Our Premier Pet Hospital team wants to test your pet heat-safety knowledge, so take our pop quiz. Hope you studied! Are pets susceptible to heatstroke? Yes. Pets are extremely susceptible to [...]

Oh, Rats: Rodenticide Toxicity in Pets

Rodenticide (i.e., rat and mouse poison) ingestion is one of the most common and lethal pet toxicities, so as part of our commitment to pet owner education, the Premier Pet Hospital team has compiled the following rodenticide guide. We want to ensure you have all the information you need to prevent this unnecessary emergency, and [...]

3 Itchy Skin Instigators in Pets

Excessive scratching, biting, licking, and chewing likely mean your pet has a skin problem. Pets experience itchiness for a variety of reasons, and our Premier Pet Hospital team wants to share information about pets’ common itchy skin instigators. Itchy pet instigator #1: Fleas Fleas can consume up to 15 times their body weight in blood [...]

Claws for Celebration: 5 Ways to Honor Your Pet’s Birthday

Oh, happy day! The Premier Pet Hospital team loves hearing how our clients commemorate their pet’s special anniversaries and milestones. Whether it’s your pet’s official birthday, the day you met, or their gotcha (i.e., adoption) day, every day is cause for celebration when you love your pet! Here are five of our favorite safe, fun, [...]

Leave It! The Top 10 Pet Toxins Lurking in Your Home

Your pet is a full-fledged family member, and you’re dedicated to protecting them from all harm. Unfortunately, as devoted as you are to your pet, you may not realize that some of the most dangerous threats to their wellbeing may be in and around your home. As part of our ongoing commitment to pet owner [...]

The Whole Tooth—Pet Dental Care Starts at Home

You don’t expect your twice-yearly dentist appointments to maintain your oral health—you use a daily routine of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with plaque-fighting mouthwash. So, why should your pet’s dental care be different? Dogs and cats are equally susceptible to dental disease, with at least 70% of cats and 80% of dogs affected by age [...]

Cold Weather Pet Safety FAQs

We’re lucky to enjoy fairly mild winters here in Arizona, but as a pet owner, you should prepare your four-legged friend for the cold. Pets face unique hazards when winter weather settles in. To help you learn to keep your pet safe when the temperature drops, our Premier Pet Hospital team answers your common cold [...]

Lifestyles of the Enriched and Famous—Enrichment Ideas for Dogs

Our lives with dogs have never been closer—nearly half of the 69 million dog-owning U.S. homes report that their canine companions sleep in their beds, 77% of owners have celebrated their pet’s birthday, and 44% have fed their dog from their own plate. Along with these trivial things, we share our increasingly sedentary lifestyle—which is [...]

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