5 Fascinating Feline Facts

You are far from alone if you lovingly believe your cat is weird. We cat owners love our pets’ endearing quirks—and they have a lot of them—but we often scratch our heads, when we try to understand these complex creatures. To help you better understand your flummoxing feline, our Premier Pet Hospital team shares some [...]

Do’s and Don’ts to Protect Your Pet From the Heat

Break out the swimsuits and sunscreen! Summer’s hot and humid days have arrived! While you may enjoy the rising temperatures, these conditions can be dangerous for your pet. Our team at Premier Pet Hospital wants to help by providing do’s and don'ts to protect your pet from the heat. DO schedule a wellness screening for [...]

Freedom Fur-Ever—July Fourth Pet Safety

Fireworks in the sky, meat on the grill, and water at your feet make July Fourth the epitome of American summer celebrations. But, do your plans for fun, sun, and festivities consider your pet? July Fourth can be exceptionally dangerous for pets. Many exciting traditional festivities can unintentionally put pets in harm’s way. And, because [...]

5 Tools to Help Prevent Behavior Problems in Your Puppy

Welcoming home a new puppy is a whirlwind of excitement and adventure, topped off with sweet puppy kisses. As you and your new furry pal settle into a routine and learn the ins and outs of being together, everything seems perfect. But, over time, your new pup may develop some naughty behaviors, such as chewing [...]

Canine Xylitol Toxicity

Premier Pet Hospital is here for you and your pet when emergencies arise. Unfortunately, xylitol toxicosis is a common canine emergency, and if you suspect your dog has ingested xylitol, immediate urgent care is critical. Depending on the amount ingested, canine xylitol toxicosis can be fatal. Read on to learn where xylitol is found, how [...]

Fact or Fiction? Your Questions about Your Pet’s Dental Health, Answered

All sorts of myths about pet health abound, particularly about their dental health and the care required. In honor of National Pet Dental Health Month that occurs each February, our Premier Pet Hospital team is separating fact from fiction when it comes to your four-legged friend’s dental health.  Fact or fiction: Your pet’s oral health [...]

Understanding Veterinary Overload

Veterinarians are working hard to care for your pet, but the pandemic has presented challenges that have resulted in overwhelming workloads for veterinary staff and long wait times for pet owners. Numerous factors have contributed to the delays, and our American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)-accredited team at Premier Pet Hospital wants you to understand what [...]

5 Holiday Dangers for Your Pet

The holiday season may be the most wonderful time of the year, but the festivities can present many hazards for your pet. Between buying your Christmas gifts and making your New Year’s resolutions, take time to ensure your pet stays safe. Our team at Premier Pet Hospital wants to help by explaining what potential hazards [...]

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