Leave It! The Top 10 Pet Toxins Lurking in Your Home

Your pet is a full-fledged family member, and you’re dedicated to protecting them from all harm. Unfortunately, as devoted as you are to your pet, you may not realize that some of the most dangerous threats to their wellbeing may be in and around your home. As part of our ongoing commitment to pet owner [...]

The Whole Tooth—Pet Dental Care Starts at Home

You don’t expect your twice-yearly dentist appointments to maintain your oral health—you use a daily routine of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with plaque-fighting mouthwash. So, why should your pet’s dental care be different? Dogs and cats are equally susceptible to dental disease, with at least 70% of cats and 80% of dogs affected by age [...]

Cold Weather Pet Safety FAQs

We’re lucky to enjoy fairly mild winters here in Arizona, but as a pet owner, you should prepare your four-legged friend for the cold. Pets face unique hazards when winter weather settles in. To help you learn to keep your pet safe when the temperature drops, our Premier Pet Hospital team answers your common cold [...]

Lifestyles of the Enriched and Famous—Enrichment Ideas for Dogs

Our lives with dogs have never been closer—nearly half of the 69 million dog-owning U.S. homes report that their canine companions sleep in their beds, 77% of owners have celebrated their pet’s birthday, and 44% have fed their dog from their own plate. Along with these trivial things, we share our increasingly sedentary lifestyle—which is [...]

5 Feline-Friendly Alternatives to Declawing Your Cat

During feline declawing surgery (i.e., onychectomy), a bone segment attached to your cat’s claw is severed from their toe. Cats’ claws are integrated into their toes, and removing them is the equivalent of cutting off a human’s fingers at the top knuckle—ouch! Cat declawing is illegal in many countries and in some U.S. cities and [...]

Pet Weight Management Guidelines

The majority of pet owners consider their pet a family member who deserves pampering. But, showing your pet love by overfeeding can lead to obesity and cause serious health complications. Our Premier Pet Hospital team shares information about why pet obesity is concerning and guidelines to help you manage your pet’s weight. Pet obesity repercussions [...]

5 Fascinating Feline Facts

You are far from alone if you lovingly believe your cat is weird. We cat owners love our pets’ endearing quirks—and they have a lot of them—but we often scratch our heads, when we try to understand these complex creatures. To help you better understand your flummoxing feline, our Premier Pet Hospital team shares some [...]

Do’s and Don’ts to Protect Your Pet From the Heat

Break out the swimsuits and sunscreen! Summer’s hot and humid days have arrived! While you may enjoy the rising temperatures, these conditions can be dangerous for your pet. Our team at Premier Pet Hospital wants to help by providing do’s and don'ts to protect your pet from the heat. DO schedule a wellness screening for [...]

Freedom Fur-Ever—July Fourth Pet Safety

Fireworks in the sky, meat on the grill, and water at your feet make July Fourth the epitome of American summer celebrations. But, do your plans for fun, sun, and festivities consider your pet? July Fourth can be exceptionally dangerous for pets. Many exciting traditional festivities can unintentionally put pets in harm’s way. And, because [...]

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